Certify My Benefits

To streamline the certification process for the over 2000 UCF military-connected students who use some form of VA Education Benefits, the Military and Veteran Success Center (MVSC) uses an electronic certification process.

In partnership with Docu-Phase Corporation, the new processing method ensures all certifications are logged electronically and provide stricter accountability of student submissions and workflow processing. This includes a new requirement for all supporting documentation to be submitted for the certification to be processed by MVSC staff.

It remains the responsibility of the individual student to submit the required documentation every semester a student desires to utilize VA benefits. The MVSC staff will continue to ensure all certifications are processed in an accurate and timely manner.

All students may use the Frevvo application to access the certification form. Students will enter their UCF email address, answer a few initial questions, and then a link will be sent to their @ucf.edu email. Once students receive the provided link, they complete the required information and submit their semester information to the MVSC office for processing.

Please be aware:

Submission Screen:

  • Upon completion of the certification form, you will be redirected to a screen that states “Your request is being processed.”
  • This statement means that our office is processing your paperwork and you have completed all required fields and it is safe to exit.

Certificate of Eligibility Submission: 

  • If this is your first time using VA benefits, or it’s your first time using a new benefit, please answer yes to the question “Is this your first time using VA education benefits?”
  • One of the pages provided by the link in your email will then ask you to attach your Certificate of Eligibility as a PDF.

Out of State Waiver Submission:

  • If you do not receive the in-state tuition rate, but you are living in Florida, you are NOT designated as a Florida resident for a tuition purposes.
  • You will need to answer “No, but I reside in Florida” to the question “Are you a Florida resident for tuition purposes?”
  • One of the pages provided by the link in your email will ask you to sign the Out of State Waiver and provide a proof of residency as a PDF. This proof can be any official document that clearly states your name and a current Florida address.
  • The VA does not cover out-of-state tuition, so once the waiver form is submitted, we can bring your tuition down to the in-state rate and enter your tuition and fees to the VA database.

Transient Course Submission:

  • If you are taking any transient courses (courses at another institution while maintaining UCF student status) please answer yes to the question “Are you taking any transient courses?”
  • One of the pages provided by the link in your email will provide you with a place to submit your transient course approval from your Florida Shines account.
  • Further information about transient approval can be found here.