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Certify for Summer 2019 Semester NOW!

Certify Early for Tuition Deferment

Posted Friday, March 22, 2019 @ 12:32 PM

SUMMER 2019 Certifications started April 1st, 2019!!

• We do NOT accept emailed forms. We DO accept faxed forms that are typed. Fax documents to: 407-823-5879. It is your responsibility to call and make sure your form was received, preferably the same day you fax it.

• If you come in to certify, you will be given a written proof of deferral. Certifying early ensures your benefits will continue in a timely manner with less likelihood of a disruption in benefits. Remember: certifications are processed in the other that they are received for entering Chapter 33 tuition and fees. Once we start entering tuition and fees after add/drop period, we process in order starting with those who certified on November 1 and going day by day.

• We CANNOT certify wait-listed classes. You must be physically enrolled in the class in order to certify it.

• Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) users: you must be MORE THAN half-time AND have at least ONE face-to-face credit hour to qualify for BAH. Please note: reduced seat time and mixed mode classes do NOT meet this requirement, per the VA. The best way to be sure is to look at the class section number: if it is all numbers, it IS a face-to-face per the VA.

• Chapter 31 (voc rehab) users: we need 2 business days to prepare your 1905, so please plan accordingly.

• Questions? Email us at: You MUST include your UCF ID # and you must email from your Knights email account. All emails are responded to promptly!