Voc Rehab Textbook Ordering

Chapter 31 – Voc Rehab

All students will need to place their orders online as all campus bookstores remain closed to the public at this time.


For eBooks/Digital Course Materials:

  1. Go to UCF.BNcollege.com
  2. Hove over TEXTBOOKS, click “Find Textbooks”
  3. Enter “Summer 2020”, Course Number, and Section Number of each course registered.  Click “FIND MATERIAL FOR COURSE(S)”.
  4. The following message will appear: “The materials for this course are available through Webcourses@UCF at a discounted rate.”
  5. To view the student tutorial on how to obtain digital course materials, click here.
  6. To view the student tutorial on how to obtain eBook materials, click here.
  7. Log into your Webcourses@UCF and choose the appropriate eBook/digital course material(s).  The cost of these materials will be billed to your UCF Student Account.
  8. NOTE: You will be responsible for these charges at this time.  You may request reimbursement for eBook charges from your Voc Rehab Counselor.
  9. You will have immediate access to the course materials when you choose the digital eBook option.

For Physical Course Materials/Books

  1. Go to UCF.BNcollege.com
  2. Hover over TEXTBOOKS, click on “Find Textbooks”.
  3. Enter Semester “Summer 2020”, Course Number and Section Number for each course you are enrolled, click “FIND MATERIAL FOR COURSE(S)”.
  4. The booklist(s) will appear for each course, chose the desired book(s) in the “SELECT FORMAT” box, then click “ADD ITEMS(S) TO CART”.
  5. When finished with book selections, click on “CHECKOUT” on the right.
  6. If selecting used books, the notification screen will appear.  Please read, then click, “CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT”.
  7. Another notice screen will appear from Barleby Write.  If you do not wish to add the one month free, click on “No Thanks”.
  8. To rent books, you must sign in to account or create a new account.
  9. To buy books, click “Continue as a Guest” and complete demographic information.  (Information will not be saved in their system for future use.  it is only for ordering and shipping).
  10. Click on the B&N Gift Card Option for payment. Enter your PO Number on the authorization form provided to you from the VARC.  Enter Pin Number: 327.
  11. Follow prompts to complete your purchase.