UPDATE (APRIL 8, 2020):

The Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC) Staff are currently working remotely until further notice.  At this time we do not have access to forms or documentation that are faxed.  If you need to send documentation, please email the VARC at VARC@ucf.edu.

Best way to contact a VARC Staff Member at this time is by email.  You can view staff members email address by visiting our “Meet The Team” page!

Thank you

Veterans Academic Resource Center


The Veterans Academic Resource Center, or VARC, is your one-stop solution to your needs as a student veteran. We provide offices, study space and lounge space, as well as access to a number of university offices, in one central location.

At the Veterans Academic Resource Center, our goals are to: Help you understand and ensure your access to all of the campus resources available to you; Help you succeed by providing study space and special tutoring at your convenience; Help UCF faculty and staff understand your unique needs as a student veteran; Provide you with the tools you need to stay on track and finish your degree.