How to Complete Transient Paperwork

Step 1:  Florida Shines Website

  • Visit Florida Shine Website, click here
  • Read “What You Need To Know Before You Apply” first
  • Click “Start on check the status of your Transient Student Admissions Application now”
  • Click “Sign in” to log in with your UCF NID”
  • Enter your NID and your NID Password
  • Complete the transient application, then click “Send”

Step 2: Email Final Approval to VARC office

  • Email will be sent each office approves/denies your form.
  • Final Approval email will be sent when your home and transient institution has submitted approval
  • Please save the final approval email and submit to the Veterans Academic Resource Center
  • The VARC will email the transient instution a parent letter

Step 3: Enrollment Certification

  • Certify courses taking at host institution (UCF) with the VARC
  • Certify courses taking at transient instition with their Veterans Center representative


  • Email the Veterans Academic Resource Center at