Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Students: Monthly Call-in Verification Required

As of  Friday, December 17, 2021, students using Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Educational Benefits will be required to verify their enrollment. The VA Educational Office will be sending communications to you in the coming months, be on the lookout for more information.

Please visit the Verification of Enrollment webpage for information about the new requirement.

UCF Continuing Education Programs:

All programs offered through UCF Continuing Education are not approved as part of the GI Bill Educational Benefits.  Graduate Certificate Programs are eligible for GI Educational Benefits.  Approved list of Graduate Certificate Program, click here.

Please consult with the Veterans Academic Resource Center and/or the VA Educational Office directly before enrolling into any these programs.

Yellow Ribbon Program

UCF is a proud supporter of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

For those who are eligible and apply, UCF will contribute 50% of the amount of out-of-state tuition and fees for a total of 30 eligible undergraduate dependents of student veterans and a total of 10 eligible graduate dependents of student veterans the VA will match that amount.

Please note that in most cases, utilizing the Out Of State waiver (above) may be a better financial option unless the applicant is not living in the state of Florida while attending UCF.

The Yellow Ribbon Program payment is paid directly to the school on behalf of the student when UCF processes the student’s certification.

Only individuals at the 100% benefits level (or dependents using transferred entitlement) may receive Yellow Ribbon funding.

The following are NOT eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program:

  • Active Duty Personnel
  • Spouses of Active Duty personnel using Transferred Entitlement
  • Fry Scholarship recipients

VA Yellow Ribbon Program